博彩网址大全学校 prides itself on fostering learning communities that extend beyond the classroom walls 和 uses an array of character-building experiences that promote social-emotional development 和 leadership skills.

我们的品格教育产品——根植于 Knox 核心价值观 of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Kindness,奖学金 – established the foundation for students to become positive contributors to their communities, 本地和全球, 让他们为高中毕业后的成功做好准备.



Service learning is a unique form of experiential learning that allows students to go out into the community, 向社区伙伴学习并帮助他们, 并反思他们的有益经验. 在博彩网址大全, each 上学校 student is required to participate in 服务学习 at several different grade levels.



The Memory Project is a nonprofit organization that invites students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, 比如忽视, 滥用, 失去父母, 极端贫困.

In the spring, students complete a fundraising project 和 then order their photos. 然后,他们为世界各地的孩子们创作肖像. They worked on portraits of students from Guatemala this past year. These portraits can be done in many mediums; pen 和 ink, 木炭, 铅笔, 水的颜色, 油漆, 等.



在过去的四年里,这个项目一直是博彩网址大全的一部分.  General Needs is a non-profit organization that services homeless veterans in the northeast quadrant of the United States.  一般需要就是这样, they provide the general needs of our forgotten homeless veterans from toiletries to coats 和 boots to starter kits for a new apartment.  他们给老兵的东西都是全新的.  他们认为这些老兵应该得到新的补给.  Knox has hosted several fundraisers 和 sock drives for this group.  Last year they donated 30 jumbo bags of toiletries for the veterans.  今年他们筹集了350多美元和90双袜子.  不仅仅是学生筹集资金, but they also serve by going on field trips to their storage facilities at Westies in East Northport where they wrap Christmas presents for the veterans for the holidays.  They pack trucks with boxes of boots for their 1363 Boots on the Ground project.  一次改变一个老兵.

岛屿丰收食物银行 & 康禾农场


这个项目成为Knox的一部分已经四年多了.  Students support the 岛屿丰收食物银行 by hosting food drives during Fall Family Weekend.  Students have generated over 300 pounds of donated food 和 over $400 cash each year.  他们不仅以这种方式为当地社区服务, but they also take field trips two to four times a year at both the 岛屿丰收食物银行 Warehouse 和 their 康禾农场 to work in the fields where they grow fresh produce for their food bank.  Students work in assembly lines 和 package boxes of food for Thanksgiving dinners, 还有一箱箱的袜子.  At the farm, they helped plant over 750 cherry tomato seedlings last spring in their greenhouse.  This fall they weeded winter crops 和 harvested 35 pounds of green beans 和 packaged them for individual families for the food bank.  Students are learning 农业 skills while making a difference one family at a time.



这个项目成为Knox的一部分已经四年多了.  Pre-covid, students would visit a nursing home 和 sing Christmas songs to the senior citizens.  They would also make homemade ornaments 和 cards to pass out to each resident.  Since covid, restrictions have been placed on visitors to these homes.  而不是, students continue to make homemade ornaments 和 cards 和 the 服务学习 Coordinator does a drop-off.  The nursing home is grateful for the dedication 和 support Knox has continued to provide to many of the forgotten aging residents.

霏欧纳飓风 & 伊恩的支持

In recent years of Puerto Rico 和 Florida were ravaged by hurricanes.  Student groups quickly formed fundraisers to offer relief for the victims of these natural disasters.  学生们为这个项目筹集了450多美元.


This year students decided to host several fundraisers to support our local community to purchase a student keyboard.  Many talented students at Knox are often found playing the pianos around campus.  While this is wonderful, there is a need for more equipment to allow talent to grow.  学生们认为这是一个支持我们自己学校的机会.  他们筹到了800多美元,买了一个新键盘, 站, 和踏板,让现在和未来的博彩网址大全享受.


一个项目服务学习已于2021年完成, was to adopt 5 families for Christmas 和 purchase clothes 和 toys for these families.  学生们举行了筹款活动,为这个项目筹集了650美元.  这支持了杰弗逊港学区计划.


一年一度的小母牛农场之旅, students will be learning about worldwide hunger issues 和 sustainability. 在这次旅行中, 主题包括了解世界各地的人口, learning about extreme poverty 和 resourcefulness of people living in impoverished conditions, 农业, 和更多的. Students even learned how to prepare 和 cook food on an open fire.


博彩网址大全服务学习-防火-圣. 詹姆斯
博彩网址大全服务学习-防火-圣. 詹姆斯

过去两年来,这个项目一直是Knox的一部分.  Students volunteer to work with the Nesconset Fire Department 和 work as puppeteers for their annual Fire Awareness Festival.  Students work with all firefighter puppets 和 put on shows for a crowd of up to 50 small children emphasizing fire safety.  



过去两年来,这个项目一直是Knox的一部分.  该项目的主题是“包容性”。.  Knox students learned a Christmas medley of 5 songs 和 learned how to do them in an Interpretive American Sign Language.  We then participated in the Dickens Festival Parade in Port Jefferson where we marched 和 sang 和 signed for the deaf 和 hard of hearing community.  

Are you a local non-profit or charitable organization that would like to build a mutually beneficial partnership with students from our 服务学习 class?

请发邮件给我们的社区 & 服务学习协调人陈女士. 苏珊·莱顿 slayton@7qzcq.com.





博彩网址大全服务学习-防火-圣. 詹姆斯

Partnering with the Nesconset Fire Department to teach children on Fire Prevention Day


学生们准备捐赠的靴子包裹, socks 和 Homegoods for veterans who are rejoining society after their service


All of our students love collecting goods for local families in need